I was referred to the Bolton Guild of help via family first through the job centre, at the lowest point in my adult life I found myself and my children homeless and alone due to being victims of crime.

Christmas time was extremely difficult this year no home no money Bolton Guild of Help made it possible for us to be together and they children had gifts to open from a Christmas hamper appeal.

They gave me support with benefit entitlement check and advice from Citizens Advise Services, enabling my two teenage daughters uniform to get into school, also support setting up a scheme for saving money for uniform for the future.

My children had birthdays while in this terrible situation and Bolton Guild of help gave my children birthday cakes as per a birthday cake scheme, a smile tells a thousand things.

They supported me through temporary   accommodation and signposted me towards addition funding and support to get carpets for my new home, once I final moved into my forever home they, helped me to get a cooker so I cook for my family.

I will be forever grateful for the kind and supportive staff, I never ever imaged I would be in the situation I found my family in however; the support and kindness of stranger gave me hope that with time things can and will get better.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.