Elizabeth (not real name) I’m a single mom. I’ve always worked paying my bills raising my daughter. Unfortunately, life can be difficult and unpredictable. I lost my job. Unfortunately, I had to ask for universal credit. Unfortunately, that’s enough to pay your rent and bills. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a big help…!A good friend of mine tried to help and we found Tracey Wallace.

The Bolton Guild of Help. We called her up, and in that moment, they helped me so professionally and quickly that I couldn’t believe it. The lady was sweet, and helpful, and you feel like she’s interested in your problem. Incredible. This team is going to get me out of trouble. I’ll be grateful as long as I live. Thank you for your help, and of course, all of you who are involved in this. So if you’re in trouble, don’t be afraid to call the Bolton Guild of Help because you’re not going to feel less like you, but help will come. It’ll make it easier to get back on your feet. Thank you!