Legacy page

Do you have connections with Bolton or the people of Bolton?  Would you like to leave a legacy behind that provides help and support to people in need that live in the Bolton area?  By bequeathing money to the Bolton Guild of Help, people have enabled the charity to become more sustainable and provide help to so many people over the last one hundred plus years. Please consider leaving a legacy to the Bolton Guild of Help.  We will maintain the legacy and administer it to your wishes, ensuring professional financial management from our investment management providers, CCLA.

As with the other legacies and charities that we manage, you can specify how you want your legacy to be spent.  Would you like to fund debt and money management support or provide necessity items to people struggling on low incomes?  Please speak to us if you would like more information or contact your solicitor for advice. 

The types of legacy/gifts you can leave in your will:

A residuary gift is a percentage of your estate once any specified gifts have been made to friends and family. Many people choose to leave this type of gift because its value will be dependent on the value of your estate at any given time rather than a set amount. This provides you with more flexibility when deciding how to ensure that your loved ones are well looked after first and foremost.

A pecuniary gift is a specific amount of money

A specific gift is a gift of a specified item – such as a personal possession, land, buildings or stocks and shares.